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Weidemann Ireland are very proud to announce a new deal to supply Balloo Hire with the first three T4512 telehandlers, enabling Balloo to meet the demands of the agricultural hire market.

Weidemann Ireland Sales Manager John O’Boyle recently delivered the first three T4512 to Balloo’s Belfast site in the shadow of the iconic Belfast ship yard.  The Bangor and Ballyclare Hire Centres will be receiving a machine each, as their target area is more agricultural based and the demand is already there.  

This is an exciting new venture for both Weidemann Ireland and Balloo Hire, and both businesses are looking forward to a successful partnership.  

Mark Grundy, Balloo Hire General Manager said “We noticed an increase in customer demand for this machine so therefore decided to expand our current 4m telehandler fleet by investing in several new machines.  Our telehandler hire fleet now ranges from 4m – 18m.

The choice to go with Weidemann was made on weight, quality, versatility and popularity among our customers.  We already have a few Weidemann telehandlers in our fleet so had more than enough confidence in the brand.  We were impressed with the deal offered from Weidemann Ireland and overall level of customer service received.”   

These compact Weidemann telehandlers are unique in the combination of lift height, width and machine capacity.  With a 1.2T payload and a lifting height of 4.5m, you are absolutely stable and well-equipped for many different tasks – perfect for the hire market.  Sales of the T4512 have been soaring in Ireland over the last 3-4 years, due to its compact size and suitability for such a wide variety of jobs.

The popular telehandler is perfect for use within the agricultural, horticultural and equestrian sectors, which means Balloo can meet and exceed the needs of a wide variety of customers.

A Weidemann T4512 is the ideal model for hire customers due to the many user friendly features and complete versatility of the machine.  Thanks to the all-wheel steering and the undivided chassis, Weidemann telehandlers are particularly manoeuvrable and very stable.   The telescopic arm is designed to be sturdy and stable and is placed in the centre of the machine, which causes little distortion.  Telehandlers from Weidemann are built extremely compactly, and you reach amazing lift heights with the best stability and compact dimensions.  They are perfect for the agri market; ideal for cleaning poultry houses or calves pens.  They work extremely well in these confines spaces, and as these farm jobs are only completed 3-4 per year, the hiring option is a perfect solution for the farmer.

Balloo Hire have had a long relationship supplying machinery to the agricultural sector throughout Northern Ireland.  They have experienced a recent growth in terms of demand in this market, and therefore see an opportunity to target customers with Weidemann telehandlers.  “The 4m telehandlers are very popular among the agricultural sector as they are used for special lifts and tight manoeuvrability is priority” commented Mark Grundy.

Weidemann Ireland supplied all three T4512’s with euro head stocks.  Most farmers have a tractor and loader with euro head stock so the opportunity exists for hire within this sector.  Large selections of attachments are available meaning a T4512 can be used as a multi-tool.  Thanks to the hydraulic quick-change system, attachments can be easily and conveniently exchanged. In this way the machine is ready for application at once, saving customers time especially if hired for a short period of time. The width and height of all machines is less than 2 metres which is why they are ideal for use in confined spaces and are therefore unique in their combination of lift height, width and machine capacity.  Additionally this T4512 model is 2.7T meaning it can be easily towed.  This particular Weidemann telehandler can be transported on a 3.5T trailer, meaning there is no hassle.