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Ele started her hire career back in 2001 at the age of 18, as an assistant manager for HSS Hire Shops. The product was small tools, from carpet cleaners to towers. She had no experience what so ever and had a lot to learn!

Her experience grew along with her enthusiasm for the business where she then became a branch manager to the Chelmsford depot after 18 months in the business. She was very excited to be going up the manager ladder at such a young age and knew she had a lot to learn.

Throughout her 7 years with the HSS Hire Group she worked at 5 different locations, from small stores to larger depots that run transport. Her knowledge of different products grew.

After 7 years at HSS she had the opportunity to grow her knowledge and moved over to Aplant where she started to learn heavy plant. This ranged from Diggers and dumpers, to Telehandlers and concrete pumps. She worked on the hire desk for 18 months which she enjoyed. She then had the opportunity to become a workshop manager. She was then in charge of over 15 fitters, along with health and safety in the workshop.

This was a great opportunity to get more involved with how the machines worked and how to be more proactive with breakdowns over the phone, as appose to just sending out mobile engineers.

After a very enjoyable 4 years at Aplant Ele decided to grow her skills and knowledge further where she then joined AFI uplift, this was her chance to learn about powered access. She joined AFI as an operations controller, her role was to manage the operations on a day to day basis, from transport control, to health and safety in the depot. AFI taught her an awful lot about the powered access industry and the importance of safety when working at height. Great business that has a high standard of customer service which drove her to take part in the annual customer service and new account competition, to which she won! And thank you to AFI she was awarded a £4000 holiday for gaining new business for the year.

After a short but fantastic 15 months, she left AFI and moved over to UK Platforms to further her career. She was asked to manage the new super depot at Thurrock. When she started with UK Platforms they had a fleet size of 200-250, with a great team and enthusiasm to grow they got the hire fleet to 400 within 18 months, so a fantastic achievement for the business.

She has since moved over to Mr Plant Hire as Powered Access Division Manager, she is now in her fourth week and really enjoying it. There is a lot to learn but she is picking it up well. She is confident she will grow the business over the next coming months. She has some new ideas she is looking to implement that will help make the hire experience for the customer the best it can be. Mr Plant Hire has some great features such as the easy to use app, this is a great selling point and she is looking forward to spreading the word along with some other great features the business has to offer.

At the start of her employment at Mr Plant Hire she put together a 90 day plan, not only was this a good selling point for her interview but it’s also a fantastic guide to help her through the most crucial months here. She is looking forward to spending time with the sales team to make sure we are doing the best we can in operations to deliver the service our sales colleagues are out selling.

She is excited that Mr Plant is in the processes of building a new yard where powered access will be working with Construction Plant. We can offer a wider range of product to our customers all from one site.

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