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Warren Access is working towards IPAF Rental+ which is an independent quality mark that is awarded to member rental companies who have been audited to meet defined standards in customer service, safety, staff training, contract terms and machine inspection.

To meet one of the requirements of the IPAF Rental+, it is essential that all of the hire desk personnel are trained to IPAF Operator level.  Their hire and training teams in both depots happen to all be female and all the ladies were very keen to take part.  They are delighted to announce that everyone involved has been successful in completing their IPAF Operator training.

All of the Newcastle office team did the theory part of the training via IPAF’s new E-Learning portal, an interactive online module in place of the classroom based theory presentation. They were then able to have a full days practice on the machines before taking the test, which is very beneficial and only possible by doing the e-learning.

The Huntingdon team however, completed their theory training in the traditional way, in the classroom which is one of the most popular ways for learners to be taught. By doing this, learners are able to talk about their own experiences with one another whilst also being taught by an experienced IPAF instructor, in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Everyone successfully completed their 1b static boom and several other ladies also completed categories 3a mobile vertical, 3b mobile boom and harness training.

Sarah Symington (Newcastle training co-ordinator) said; “It was such a brilliant opportunity to actually do the training myself! It also helped me conquer my fear of heights – which is a big thing for anyone to do.”

The course has been extremely beneficial to the teams in both depots as it has boosted everyone’s knowledge and confidence in access equipment, health and safety, being able to talk knowledgeably and with experience to our customers about hire and training and the access industry in general.

Overall, everyone had an informative, fun and enjoyable time, with the opportunity to get involved with what Warren Access is all about.

The Directors commented “We are extremely proud of everyone who took part in this, especially for those who are less keen on heights.  The additional knowledge and confidence that everyone now has is fantastic and we would recommend this training for anyone working in the access industry. Congratulations to you all!”

Look out for their ‘seven strong’ team of female operators!

If you would like to book your IPAF Training course please contact them, or take a look at their training page and upcoming courses to find out more.

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